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Mariah works as a meeting designer, teacher, and visual thinking specialist. She helps clients like non-profit organizations, corporations, and community groups to translate their visions, processes, plans – anything! – into engaging images. Whether she’s listening to a keynote at a large conference or sitting at the table during a small meeting, Mariah captures her clients’ key messages and themes in Visual Records – metaphors, images, and words that she draws in real time. She also loves designing meetings that tap into the wisdom of groups and their ability to think together. Mariah teaches the practice of visual thinking in public and private workshops, building on participants’ innate creativity and desire to communicate effectively. She lives in beautiful Oakland, CA, with her husband and lots of art supplies.

Please contact her at to find out how to bring visuals into your work.

Her clients include: Genentech,, PepsiCo, Nike, The United Way, GlaxoSmithKlein, AAA, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), The Veteran’s Association, and many more!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making a pitch at this year's SOCAP10: Visual Thinking for the win

I met very cool and inspiring young entrepreneur at the Hub SOMA yesterday - turns out that she was in a bit of a fix. She needed to make a sold pitch to potential investors as she networked like mad at SOCAP10 - and she need to memorize the pitch by the next day. Visual Thinking to the rescue! I offered to talk with her for a few minutes, drawing and listening while she explained what was at the heart of her work. I was able to help by drawing a simple image that conveyed the gist of her business and what it offers. She could show the image as she made her pitch, or she could simply visualize it and feel confident that she wasn't forgetting anything important. I got this lovely email from her the following day:

Hey Mariah,

Just wanted to let you know I have been up since seven wrestling with the various forms of my pitch, and your drawings have been a GODSEND. I am just so impressed at your ability to take my stream of consciousness and turn it into something tangible, clear and right on target, and in a visual format no less! So cool.

Thank you!!


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Nancy Margulies said...

This type of response makes the work so worthwhile!